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Step 5: Motivating Students to Avoid Violence and Practice Respect

Goal: To help teachers motivate students to choose alternatives to violence, create personal boundaries for themselves, and practice respect in their everyday lives. By committing themselves to non-violent, respectful relationships, students are in a position to positively influence their peers and improve the school environment and community for everyone.

Ending Violence Starts with the Individual
As part of a strong interpersonal skills set, students need to be able to articulate and evaluate the ideas and expectations they have of others and themselves. To help students build self-awareness, teachers can challenge students to reflect on the role they play in supporting or challenging the social norms that promote violence. Through Lessons from Literature, students learn critical skills to help them avoid violence in their lives. Each activity in the Classroom Manual offers ideas for helping students build these important interpersonal skills.

Taking Action to Raise Awareness
Students hold the key to making positive changes in their school by influencing their peers. They listen to (and respect learning from) their peers probably more than anyone else in their lives. Therefore, reducing incidents of violence can begin with students working to raise awareness. Teachers can encourage and help students as they brainstorm ways to share their new knowledge in an effort to raise peer awareness of abuse at school. Teachers can also encourage students to share this new knowledge with their friends and family outside of school, in the home or community. In each of the lessons contained within the Classroom Manual, we have included culminating activities and assessment opportunities that challenge students to become models of respect in their school and raise awareness about abuse among their peers in creative ways. We invite you explore these ideas and create your own:

Lessons from Literature Classroom Manual
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"Teen victims of physical dating violence are more likely than their non-abused peers to smoke, use drugs, engage in unhealthy diet behaviors, engage in risky sexual behaviors, and attempt or consider suicide."

–Journal of the American Medical Association