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Step 3: Lesson Planning to Discuss Abuse

Goal: To help teachers plan activities for deep and meaningful classroom dialogue around issues of physical, verbal and sexual abuse.

Abuse Exemplified in the Literature Text
As part of typical lesson preparation, teachers identify and plan class discussions and assignments around a central literature theme, such as courage or citizenship, for example. The Lessons from Literature program encourages teachers to incorporate discussions around issues of abuse as they relate to the central themes of study. In this way, Lessons from Literature discussions and activities become part of teachers’ core literature curriculum and can be applied to any unit plan for any book or literature activity.

Lessons from Literature Classroom Manual
The Classroom Manual was created to serve as a practical tool to help teachers plan their Lessons from Literature activities. The Manual offers activity plans that illustrate how to integrate Lessons from Literature activities into existing units and lesson plans. We've also created a lesson template to help teachers design their own Lessons from Literature activities.

Lessons from Literature Resource Library
We've compiled a robust list of books that tie into the themes of abuse as well as movies, documents, plays and songs. We invite you to explore the following resources as you prepare to begin teaching Lessons from Literature:

Lessons from Literature Classroom Manual
Lessons from Literature
Classroom Manual (6.5 MB)
Lessons from Literature
Resource Library

Step 4: Facilitating Classroom Discussion About Abuse



"15.5 million U.S. children live in families in homes where there is violence."

–Journal of Family Psychology