Lessons from Literature
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Welcome to Lessons from Literature

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Lessons from Literature is an innovative program that enlists English teachers like you — from all across the country — to use the books and material you’re already teaching to facilitate discussion and build awareness about physical, verbal and sexual abuse. Prompted by a growing public interest in and demand for programs that seek to prevent abuse, Lessons from Literature helps address this problem among youth in the classroom and beyond.

Lessons from Literature engages and empowers you with actionable resources that help students learn the required material while also enabling adolescents to build healthy, non-violent relationships.

Why Teachers?

Teachers are natural influencers. Through in-class activities and discussion, take home assignments and special projects, you can have a tremendous impact on how your students grow to understand and appreciate safe and healthy relationships. As a mentor and role model to your students, you can play a critical role in shaping young people’s attitudes and behaviors.

Getting Ready to Teach

There's no doubt that the serious topic of abuse must be approached with care. Therefore, we encourage you to review Getting Ready to Teach as you prepare to use Lessons from Literature. After that, Lessons from Literature provides lesson plans and resources that are flexible to accommodate your own teaching approach and needs.

You are invited to begin using the program today!

Please let us know how it's working for you and your students — what you like best about it and ways you might like to see it improved. All feedback will be carefully considered as we continue to build additional elements for future years.



"Lessons from Literature has allowed me to utilize classic works of literature to foster discussion of pertinent issues that really matter in today’s world."

–Marck Santee, teacher